The 5% royalty and the Euros

When you release a game you need notice to Epic Games and since the game start to report profit you need give to Epic per calendar quarter from commercial games the report if the games generate more than 3000$.

The problem here is all the games in Europe since you have the company here include the VAT 21% as example, so I need convert the 3000$ to Euros ? with the current state ? and then count the games + VAT in that amount ?

Or is the total without the VAT included ? and the 3000$ converted to Euros ?

After this what i need pay to Epic Games include the price in VAT or the price without VAT. (The without VAT one ?)

In order to apply the $3,000 USD quarterly exemption from gross revenue, you would convert the Euro revenue to USD using the current exchange rate. While prices may be inclusive of VAT, most distribution platforms will provide you with revenue numbers separating out any sales taxes or VAT, in order to calculate your revenue share. You would use the gross revenue numbers less any VAT or sales tax included.