The 5% Cut!

Hello developers , could Please Help me to understand More about the 5% Cut !!!
Let say my Game made More the 3001 Dollars Okay so i’m going to Give to Unreal the 5% of the 1 Dollar but in the same Time the Numbers are getting higher …
i’m just confused

ad sorry for my bad english

I’m not sure that I understand your question. If you game makes $3001 in a calendar quarter, you owe 5 cents, or 5% of $1. You owe 5% of all revenue beyond the first $3000 per calendar quarter.

Thank you so Much sir for your Response
my Question is if i Made Let say 3001 in the first quarter Okey i’m going to give to Unreal 5 cents
and then in the second quarter i made 3002 Dollars
so it 6003
and then should i Pay the 5% of the 2 Dollars or
the 5% of 3002 Dollars
which is (6003-3000).

No, each quarter is a separate calculation. If the first quarter you make $3001, so you pay 5 cents. In the second quarter you make $3002, so you pay 10 cents.

Now i Understand !!!
Thank you so Much sir