The 24-hour spring flash sale is happening now



Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh ideas. We are celebrating the season with a 24-hour Spring Flash Sale to give your creativity a boost starting now!

[FONT=&amp]With up to 50% off on popular Marketplace items, now is the time to jumpstart your work and save big. Check out the Event Sale page[FONT=&amp] to see the special deals all in one place! The sale ends tomorrow, May 5, at 9:00 AM EDT.

Why are there so few assets on here, did Epic choose which assets to put on sale?

edit: rewriting

First of:
A lot of us marketplace sellers send out tweets, facebook posts, and made videos for the innitial may the 1st sale. (because not much coming from their side to promote in advance)
On May the first itself we get an email saying the sale was delayed due to technical issues.

All out hard work out of the window and the quite a few sellers in situations like this:

And while its been rather mild from what ive seen so far, Im happy nobody was “triggered” or offended that in their eyes we have been lying to make more sales.
Anyways, granted. this can happen. /shrug

Now we dont get an email at least a day in advance saying the sale will start May the 4th.
Meaning we did not have time to prepare to send out promotional tweets/messages/videos, because AGAIN not much coming from their side to promote in advance.

Now me and many others have to reschedule their days, tell clients we need some proper non-hasted time to send out promotional messages/tweets/etc.
which, because its on the same day (and with the sale already going on a few hours) will not reach the potential audience it could have had if we where emailed a day in advance.

Maybe this will help:

alot seller just miss a opportunity to promote their content :frowning:

EPIC, why would you make an event sale without asking all of the sellers if they want to participate?
Oh well, you never disappoint to disappoint me.

Why are there so few assets on here, did Epic choose which assets to put on sale?

Yeah, I was pretty surprised by this as well. I guess they picked the ones they wanted to have on sale…?

EPIC, give your sellers a bit more love!

Indeed this isn’t good at all.
I was waiting to see if Epic Games did a Spring Sale Event, I even asked on the forums about that and then just a few minutes ago I found out that there are only a few items on sale and that is Epic Games fault that didn’t notify marketplace sellers in advance…
I could have bought 8-10 items or more based on the discount percentage in a hope that all sellers would have discounted their products… but I see only one I could buy right now.

I’ve been regularly checking the event sale page ever since due to family misfortunes I missed the last one.
I was over joyed to get the email notification and thought that finally I could buy the kits I’ve been unable to afford due to budgeting.
But alas… it seems not to be :frowning:

That’s not to say that those on sale aren’t a great bargain, but still…

I got email notification about this sale; bought some cool stuff!

I’ve been waiting for a spring sale, and got excited when I saw the email! Not many things on sale though. I was certainly expecting more… :frowning:

just to add a (little) bit more variation, I just put my two “4 elements” packs on sale as well, on though.
Luos's Flash Sale! by Yoeri -Luos- Vleer -

**I really love Unreal Engine 4 **but Marketplace team is like an iceberg for Titanic. The worst work what I had seen.

If You created a game based on UE4 - You pay 5%. If You create a content for marketplace You pay 30% for the service, I think… **WHERE IS THIS SERVICE? **

May be You had did very useful and comfortable interface for managing our sells?

A calendar for sales? A calendar for events? Noooo! Your calendar is starting from 1967?? REALLY??
When will come the happy day and You will give us a calendar or mail BEFORE events for us as sellers not buyers?!

May be You can quick answer for our requests? 2-4 days? O.o

May be You are protecting our packs from the pirates? No? We did our packs and lose our sales (my had falled to zero after the theft) because our packs was uploaded to 2-3 sites. I had sent You the links. Aaaaand?!
Again NOTHING! Dozen of pack has stolen and released there!

May be You had created a good rules for releasing content for marketplace?

You asking us to upload screenshot on PNG 1920*1080 1Mb?! Are You kidding? Are You really know what You ask?

But WHERE this format in this list:

Unsupported? Seriously?

Another super useful feature:

Are You trolling us?

You ask to put all files inside this folders:
\YourProject \Textures
\YourProject \Materials
\YourProject \Meshes
\YourProject \Blueprints
\YourProject \Particles\

…also You ask to make a demo map which shows content functionality and etc…
So all content can be divided by principle Necessary content and UNnecessary content for demo room or from templates. How do You think a buyer will be pick out (clear) all unnecessary files from this folders?!

What about name convention. You ask it. But where You had wrote this?

This is an incomplete list of all troubles of marketplace. But it represents attitude to us and how marketplace team can work.
Marketplace Team, may be enough to put sticks in the wheels?!

So I hope You’ll answer us why we pay 30% for what? Where is the services that You provide?
…or we pay for a ghostly chance to earn money? But what about pirates? We spent tonnes of time with a chance to get nothing.

I thing Epic Team is really interested in Marketplace sells but marketplace team NOT! Marketplace team is not interested in our sells!
Well, at the moment the work of resembles the ride of a broken cart.

So I’m waiting for Your explanations… I think I’m note alone.

****, missed it as well :confused:

I wake up, see the email, but the sale is over. Why do a 24-hour flash sale?

Come on Epic, this is an international community. Use some common sense…