The 2016 Holiday Sale is Here!

Hey Guys!

Today we’re happy to announce our Marketplace Holiday Sale, which is happening right now! We had a huge turnout for this event with more than 800 items listed for sale at discounts up to 90% off!

Of course, we are aware of the technical issues that were reported in regard to the recent Cyber Monday Sale due to the lack of shopping cart. We are actively working on a solution to address this issue, but will not have the solution in place prior to the Holiday Sale. As a result, we have extended this sale over a nearly two week period, from December 22nd to 5pm EST on January 3rd, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of the savings.

In addition, the Marketplace team will be available over the holiday season to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

So have fun and enjoy some holiday shopping! We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season and we look forward to a great year ahead in 2017!

-The Marketplace Team

Lots of good stuff 0.o Simple little hack for people… use this link to view the marketplace to see 100 items per page, rather than the default 25 :wink: Makes spending all that money in your bank account much easier!

My stuff is all on sale too though :wink:

Survival Game Template

Survivor Vision

Quest Map and Navigation System

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

It’s great to be part of the sale! :slight_smile:


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I tried emailing Unreal with these questions and I was refereed to this thread. I’m as much of a beginner as you possibly can be so please bare with me. I’m trying to figure out if UE suites my needs and if so which programs I need. I copy and pasted most of my email and questions here.

I want to create/design my own First person arena style shooter using Xbox controllers on the computer and depending how to goes msybe some day playing it on the actual Xbox one.

. I’ve been doing some Reading/research on UR engine and I’d like to start playing around with it and learning how to use it so I can create my own FPS arena shooter. I would be creating something that would be eventually be played/tested on the xboxone hopefully or at least on the computer using Xbox controllers.

So my questions are what products or versions of Unreal engine do I need to purchase or download so that I can create my game on the computer (will most likely be using a MAC) And then port it over to or test it on the Xbox one? if you think I’m better off using a different computer your recommendations are welcomed. Also do Xbox controllers work on macs or work on macs if it’s plugged into a hard drive? Can I plug an Xbox controller into my computer or HD so as I’m creating the game I can tailor it and test to be used with a controller? Is it possible as I’m designing creating the game to test it with other friends on the Xbox one online or on the computer using Xbox controllers online?

My goal is to build, design, and create a game that will eventually be played on the Xbox one (if it makes it that farfingers crossed) and if possible played on the Xbox one for testing purposes or be played on the computer using Xbox controllers. The game will be created designed around using an Xbox controller to play.

I would really appreciate it if you can enlighten me to what products I should buy or download from unreal? If it is possible to test a game with multiple people on the Xbox one online, and if so what I need to do to make that possible? Or if it’s possible to test/play with other people on the computer with an Xbox controller online? Or if any of these things are possible?

Thank you so much for your time answering my questions and getting me pointed in the right direction. This is something I’m very eager and excited to start getting into even though I’m a beginner, and considering I’m a beginner I hope that the way I explained it makes sense. So thanks again for your time, insight, advice and patience.

And if i sent this reply to the wrong category or thread or you aren’t able to answer my questions can you please refer me to the correct place to ask.

Thanks, appreciate your time.

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Hey @Austingriff!

Your questions are probably better suited for the general discussion forum. If you make a thread there, the community will be able to assist you with your inquiries in a more focused manner than the sales thread. Good luck, and welcome to the UE4 community! =)

Hello all !
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Very nice prices ! I don’t see anything like this on unity store

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