The 12: A miserable Truth [RPG || Medieval || Horror]



I have started working with Unreal Engine 4 four years ago. The main purpose for it was to create a game I would enjoy playing myself and i worked on it ever since. Without many distractions by other projects I was and am investing every free minute into the project for 4 years and want to show off some of my progress. Reason being my currently launched second alpha testing phase managed over my discord server. Alpha testing is up for anyone who wants to participate and help! The game is being developed by one person and will be published end of the year (hopefully)!!

-****------------The game-------------

The game is a singleplayer RPG set in a medieval/fantasy world. It features many riddles, difficult fights and some horror elements along with an interesting story. To summarize the plot:

The story might sound like a generic save the princess plot but holds some twists. The player will experience everything from the perspective of the former protector and leader of The 12. But because no one recognizes him anymore, he has to prove himself to one of the three factions, Bandits, Sorcerer or Warriors, experiencing a different first chapter of the game depending on his decision. You will be able to choose your own skill setup and prefered combat style depending on the faction choice.
You will also face many sidestories on your way to saving the princess. Those sidestories are very different from the known “go there and collect x item, kill 5 mobs” types of generic quests.




Recent Update:

Older Trailer:


Many updates and screenshots are published on my website:

If you want to directly contact me / send me a interesting sidequest / participate in the testing phases please join my discord server:

LeilaBandit.jpgI am also represented on social media:

I always do appreciate feedback :slight_smile:

Wheres the link for download?

This sounds like a very cool game! I would like to download it. Will it be a mobile game or a console/PC game?

Thank you very much for your answer. The game is PC only at the Moment and you can get alpha access on my discord server :slight_smile:


You can find the download on my discord after sending me some Information about your specs and a NDA. (it’s a short doc)

It directly rung a bell when you said you were working on this project full time since 4 years. My brain is hardwired on passion projects.

So I went ahead and watched the gameplay video and the thread.

I have some feedback to make. I’m going to pinpoint some things I think can be improved (imho).

As for the comm:
1 - As an audience, I want to see combat footage when I arrive on such a thread
2 - The less link I have to click, the more likely I am to view / download your game, gather all basic information on every communication channels
3 - If I want advanced information, that’s the moment I will choose to dig into your other communication channels
4 - Make every URL link pinpointed (font / space / formating)

As for the game:
1 - First second of the video I said to myself “no post-process work here or really few”. It looks like an Unreal Engine game right off the bath. Imho you should work on the post process and the rendering in general.
2 - I can tell what interface plugin you use! Try uniformizing every interface assets / behavior / style you have.
3 - The character you control seems to have really “rigid” movements, I think you should work on smoothing out / make the movement gamefeel better.
4 - The first area was really dark (but I have a low contrast screen right now).
5 - When you talk to NPC, the dialog widget covers all of the NPC face. I think it should be better if it was offset on the left/right depending on the NPC position on screen to be able to see the NPC we’re talking to (and adding gestures to them if wanted).
6 - I liked the fact that you’re telling me there are twists in the story, but I think you can work on a better pitch to catch your audience. I understand it’s not necessarily the moment to work on this kind of details for you but since it’s a soloplayer RPG, I believe it has more importance (I’m not the typical audience so I’m just saying).
7 - You see to know which objects in the environment are interactive and which are not. But as players, we won’t know. You need some kind of “highlight” before the player actually hovers his cursor (I clearly see the outline at that moment, works fine). One of the technique used in many games to highlight interactive items compared to background and props is to give them… something more. For instance in Borderlands, they all have a green light. In Mirror’s Edge they are all red. In many games they have a higher level of saturation in their shader.

And… that’s it for now. I hope you liked the feedback, it’s all about helping you and your project!

Keep up the good work and GL HF!

Thank you very much for your feedback :slight_smile: it’s my first forum post and i have to learn a lot about them. I already changed the 2nd video to an older gameplay trailer with combat etc.

For the game feedback:
There is actually quite a lot of post process work done. But I certainly am very biased and it’s great to hear that i can still improve here.

The ui is completely custom. Expect for the notifications on queststart etc.

You’re right with most of the other points :slight_smile: I will look into them in the future! The game is currently very WIP but i am finally coming closer to an end instead of finding more work to do.

Thank you very much and
Have a great day :slight_smile:

Working on a decent Trailer: First screenshots: