****! that was an awesome tutorial!

Have you ever said that about any tutorial you’ve ever seen?

If so I want to know about it. I want to see examples of what made you go… “****! that was an awesome tutorial!”

We have a lot planned in 2021… and I want to see how we can make it better.

There’s a lot we already know that you want… shorter courses, advanced courses, project based courses, start-to-finish projects, different project types, and all kinds of different topics.

What I’m looking for with this question, on this post, isn’t really describable in a list. It’s more of *response *to something you just saw or experienced. Maybe it was a style of the instructor, maybe it was how the content was organized? Was it the most amazing assets? Was it so great that you had to share it with your colleagues and friends? I want to hear about *that *tutorial!

It doesn’t have to be a UE tutorial, it can be anything.

I don’t know what I don’t know.



GDC Vault… :cool:

It seems unfair to pick one talk from another, as there’s so many great ones. But since examples are being requested: Ex1 Ex2 Ex3. So what makes GDC quality? Probably because its industry talking to other industry, and so everyone has to deliver (there’s no coasting / filler / bluffing - which is great for viewers). But also, firms tend to send their most dynamic staff, who are often great communicators as well as killer game designers. Whereas with YouTube, presenters are mostly a mixed bag of crud where quality control is mostly driven by user-voting plus AI / Algos.:rolleyes:

Its worth giving a nod too, to some of the early Epic Livestreams: Ex4. The ones hosted by AlexP / Chance especially have lots of charm (which actually made you want to tune-in). So did AlexP / Chance have the X-factor? Maybe, or maybe streams were helped along by the fact that Epic was clearly a really fun place to work at that time (no f’nite crunch). Overall, quality info is key to great tutorials, but charisma also matters to keep viewers engaged / watching. Think satirical late night talk show host vs bland TV news reporter. Personality matters as well as content. :wink:

Yes I’m aware of all our own stuff. But good to know that still holds up… I’ll look at the other stuff too… I agree charisma matters…


They’re pretty popular at this point but still worth noting: All of Ian Hubert’s “Lazy Tutorials”

These are really what I would consider advanced tutorials, as there is no deep explanations or detailed step-by-step instructions. They’re targeted at people who already have a good grasp of Blender and don’t need every single thing explained to them. They’re short, to the point, funny, practical, and of course he always provides a beautiful example at the end of a shot he made using the technique.

Something like mix and jam where popular game features are implemented. Full project download in marketplace for deeper dive would be cool.

Great example… I really like that one.

I really like the totally informal style!

When you say “project based”, does that include marketplace assets?
If so, I wrote a lot of tutorials for my assets (link)

I get a lot from the “Did you know?” type tutorials. I got a lot out of these type of tutorials when 3D Buzz was up and running, talk to Zack, and I’m sure that there is a ton of Epic employees who troll the boards who thing “well that’s not how I would do it”.

When I do the Youtube for some info that I need to solve a problem I look for the five minute video and not the one hour tutorial.

I would also like to hear more from the people that do this stuff. Give everyone at Epic the ability to hit a button and add their own thoughts to the bit bucket. Of course there are details but I’ll let you work them out :wink:

Pretty much any talk/tutorial/demo done by Ryan Brucks always leaves me with my jaw on the floor :slight_smile:


^This^ is a cross-post from another thread, as the thread was older and the forums are kinda post-apocalyptic deserted. :stuck_out_tongue:
Root-Motion is arguably one of the most specialized / esoteric topics on here (Multiplayer / AI / UE4-C++ seem easier). :wink:

All are great, like really, Epic Games should hire Sam Pattuzzi and Ben Tristem for Blueprints and C++ tutorial/courses.

A big problem I always face with Unreal courses is they look like made by programmers or engineers (at least the technical ones), not by teachers, is like they lack the empathy to think that someone learning gets lost easily, specially when you throw tons of technical new terms, while these 2 guys know how to teach.

I like to know why the stuff is being made and how you know what to do, something I see a lot from Epic Games courses are people saying stuff like “then we use GetWorld(), and then we use the arrow because is a pointer and write ->GetFirstPlayerController();” is like, ok, why? how do you know you have to use getworld, how do you know it was a pointer?. Is like if I try to teach photoshop and say “we set the contrast to 10 value” without explaining why or what I am looking at to reach to that 10 value or know that the image needs more contrast. That isn’t teach, is just talk loud what you are doing.