That Moment When..

You see this…




idk why i made it, but im not sorry

lol er ma gawd

Haha :smiley: How long did it take at the end?

And here I was complaining about my 500 shaders. =P

“Epic” music!

That’s the price you have to pay, when doing prostuff.
For my poor game shaders and lightbuild under one minute.

Lol , true story :smiley:

Lol, good thread…

You should run this before you go for vacation… lol

compiling shaders doesn’t take very long for me. light building on the other hand…


Yeah, that was me compiling the InfiltratorDemo project shaders…

Does compiling in small different steps take the same? (Atm I’m just a beginner so… wanted to ask)

That looks like it may take a while :confused:

Haha… the feels!

30k is standard with 4096 maps. It can get into six digits when you keep changing landscape materials.

The issue is when you also try to further work on a landscape material, then when you save during shader compilation, the material progress bar gets stuck, until a certain amount of shaders in the background has compiled.

Btw the Devs are aware, see Landsape Material not saving timely when compiling shaders - UE4 AnswerHub

My problem atm, i just made several landscape and architecture changes, during compilation, then moved a newly created blueprint into another folder and the project crashed. Progress gone. Fix, don’t move things around until you saved (which you should not try during compilation, because it can get stuck (when you edit involved materials). And you should have patience when working on large landscape materials, ideally setup a new smaller landscape for tweaking the material.

Ouch :stuck_out_tongue: