That Epic create their own fully supported IDE for their engine

I am wondering if Epic is considering creating a completely integrated IDE for Blueprint and C++ within the editor itself. I think this would be nice. What do you think?

Here is an example of someone who is working on this idea: Writing C++ Code within Blueprint Editor - YouTube

There is already atleast a Code Viewer in UE. Not sure if you can edit code within it.
Doesnt make much sense to create a new IDE.

some features in VS don’t work with Unreal Engine code even though it looks like it does, the load and parsing times are very long, VS is unable to handle UE4’s large library unless the user pays for the Visual Assist extension or I think the ReSharper++ extension will also do job.

This makes no sense IMHO … Visual Studio is a very capable IDE and it would take Epic Hundres and Thousands of Man Hours to be able to compete with Visual Studio. Epic should rather focus their efforts on tighter integration with Visual Studio (if that is even possible) then trying to write their own IDE.

You already have the Editor for working on Blueprints … you have Visual Studio for C++ … why would you need another IDE.

That’s a really odd request.

just a minute ago is another case, I try to load up VS through the editor to look at some code, and it goes into ‘Not Responding’ mode and I am eventually forced to restart my computer. This is happening, I think, because VS really can’t handle UE4, I don’t know, enlighten me if you do. These kind of freeze ups are something I have come to expect.

Actually I am just echoing some comments from an Unreal Reddit page:

VS 2019 works completely fine here - everything is nice and fast as it should be.


What if Epic just bought an IDE outright with Fortnite spare change…
Soon after, news is that Development has stopped on that product.
What if Epic’s CEO started dropping hints that ‘Scripting’ is coming.

Would that change anything? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey if you like VS / Microsoft and are happy with that, then party on.
Personally I always liked the single install that UDK or Unity offered.
I work airgapped and the dependencies VS puts on devs is a PITA!

I’ve created “Magic Nodes” just because I thought would be cool to do it (and I had two weeks to spare). From the get go I knew it is a “nice to have” and not a “must have” thing.

Even though I use Magic Nodes every day now (currently have 217 nodes in project library), I still use Visual Studio of course :slight_smile:

Now that Visual Studio Community exist I don’t think Epic should spend programmer resources trying to build something so complicated.
Each programmer working for Epic cost them a lot of money they must be allocated wisely or Epic will lose money…

Visual Studio Code actually seems like a better IDE for UE4, unless you want to pay for VS and get the extensions with it. It’s quite expensive. Clion is also a lot cheaper.

There is no need to pay for VS, just use Community edition.

Is CLion usable for anyone? I followed an old blog postbut it’s super slow, cannot open CLion through UE, missing symbols all over the place, etc.
Proper instructions on how to set it up would help a lot. VS feels just like notepad compared to all the goodness any of JetBrain’s IDEs deliver.

Can’t do that legally if you’re a corporate entity.

But that might change someday because VS is a gateway to MS Azure, and Azure is Micro$oft big cow of money these days lol