Thanx EPIC but thats it for me!!!

Thanx for everything Epic but I think that’s it for me. I got the engine a few months ago and I learned allot but there is a huge learning curve. I have to be many things such as an animator, 3D modeller, a sound tech and so on. In short I do not have the skills to keep going and without a crew my dreams of making a worthy video game is not possible. You have a fantastic product, one of the best on the market and with the right crew things could have been possible.

So with that in said…thanx and I with you the best.


stop giving up!!!

To give up is to admit defeat! Do you want to LOSE? (I also saw you’re post about .FBX problems. I always export .3ds in blender than in FBX converter by autodesk do I export it as a .FBX)

Like The Britain mentioned, you just nee to keep hammering through the pain. In my opinion, independent game development requires the most self-motivation and drive out of any other jobs/careers out there due to all of the different skills & learning required.

@ - the sad fact of life for solo developers who are not programmers is that you do indeed either have to be talented at game art yourself, or have to bring on a dedicated artist (paid or otherwise) to get things done in a modern 3D game.

But the thing to realize is, that’s true of any engine - you will be bottlenecked by lack of art and animation as an indie 99% of the time, and it has little or nothing to do with the engine you choose. Arguably, UE4 comes with more free art than any other engine on the market, too.

Well it seems like he is done with game development altogether due to him stating that UE4 is a great product.

Oops I totally missed that part.

In that case I’d say not to give up! Instead try and figure out every way you can to reduce your workload - use canned art packs (make it work!), get a partner etc.

Don’t give up SORiN! Nothing in life comes easily, especially indie development. As many alluded to above, we have to constantly motivate ourselves to keep pushing on. It’s hard work, but you can do it even if it’s only a little at a time. Don’t give up on your dream. =) The marketplace is a huge resource you can make use of, it is expanding every week with quality content and you can make requests for content packs that may be suitable to your needs. I hope you continue to press on, but wish you good luck in wherever you decide to go. =)

This is just a message i am Luka developoer and GAME designer of warriors of hidrin i started this project early 2014 and srill working on i was starting with unity but it was like **** now i have started using UE and its but nor easy well for the game designer in ue u are right that u need a team but everything can be done by one man like me i doing alone this project everything everyday and what about my personal life i am 27 years old and expecting in 3 months to be a father and hoping this will be my job for ever and i will try keeping this way to never give up this year was my hardest of all years to work my project so many problems with money and family but i keep on my pc and working on the game i am ready to give everything to done this project and never give up the one man can change a world not just a game :slight_smile:

Nobody can do all those things by themselves, why would you assume you could?

The biggest point of failure for new people is targeting something way too big.

Like people are completely new to game dev and are talking about, “you know, I want to make a sort of FPS MMO with cutting edge graphics and full character customization”. It’ll never happen.

Start with something super small and complete it. Make a game where a cube has to jump a fence. Go from there.

everyone started from mmo or rpg when was 15 years old. if he really want to create games / be a game developer he will try again with something smaller.

I think you was doing all this as a hobby and even was not attached to it. Because if someone loves this industry would not count a few months, even a couple years as a huge learning curve (a blockade) and quit.

And the biggest mistake as others said it most beginners start to create a game right away. Most of us here have been into this for a few years at least and still don’t dare start creating our own game.

Guys im not giving up game developing but im at the stage that id give up UE4, i seriously cant stand C++, ive tried since UE4 was made free to learn C++, its just a terrible language, all the books on C++ suck all they do is 90% theory and 10% code, the UE4 C++ documention lacks and is weird.
Before this i was doing Unity with C# and i must say i kinda liked it, the engine was just a bit anemic, not many features and rich graphics out of the box so i switched to UE4, the learning curve is nothing, i can do it, but C++ and the lack of tutorials just kill my drive to learn.

Do you guy know if there is any good UE4 C++ book or Visual Script book? like really pro in depth books with game code examples? i dont really like visual scripting, its a nice feature but the way it works its just too weird compared to written code.
I dont know what to do, also i cant afford expensive school or lessons i cant find Blender tutorials either, i want professional grade blender tutorials on how to make GAME art/characters/rigs/animation.
I know how to do simple box modelling and a bit of sculpting but finished characters with properly working bones and animation no.
Ive done a few free on the internet but honestly they kinda suck or they are incomplete, its hard to make any working assests.
I have time and the will to learn but there are no PRO grade books/tutorials that can teach me really well how to make games and assets.Ive searches the tutorials on this forum and already did most of the UE youtube tutorials but they are not enough.

While I haven’t gone in depth with UE4 C++, I have taken a look, and I have no idea what is going on despite my 2 years in computer programming experience; there is definitely a thick layer of API.

It is interesting to hear what everyone’s expectations are when they start game development. I’ve had a few queries from friends about if I had built anything, which I haven’t, however I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in the past 5 months. After the first 3 months I felt paralyzed with all the information. I didn’t even know where to start: AI, graphics, gameplay, animations etc. What can I do that will help me learn? I found my brain just kept thinking big ideas, not coming up with nice small projects to learn with.

Funnily enough I’m managed to get out of that lethargy just recently, much more motivated. The project I’m working on is a 2D platformer, I’ve downloaded a fairly complete set of sprite assets, enough that I shouldn’t be distracted by trying to make my own.

I started game development as a hobby because I got that big idea. I know I’ve a long way from even attempting it, but if I don’t start now learning the ins and outs for game development, I never will.

Though UE4 is daunting for a beginner, I chose this engine because of the community. If it wasn’t for watching all those tutorial videos BEFORE I even had a machine to develop on, I might have given up already. I read the forums daily, it is amazing the amount of stuff I’ve learnt just from this place. I’ve slowly started understanding all the terms from just reading forum posts.

So though I completely understand OP’s predicament, I’m still sticking it out. At some stage there will be a pay off, even if it is just completing a playable project.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! Just use your imaginations and keep the time on the game its self will bring to life in first when i started in Unity it was i already have Alpha stage game but i stoped its not what i want to see its not it the thing like UE4 power have so i started over again to learn ue4 ALLLL OVERAGAIN no meter time **** time we have all the time of this world i started to build a leve and losing hope and when i see the real power when i look my first level holy **** this will rock :slight_smile: its all about U will u do it or not u need to say to your self that u can and u will no meter what i doing alone an RPG what is not the right chose for start but hey i already have one in unity but scrow it i dont like how it looks :slight_smile: what i want to say every hard work pays off at end…

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

start small, plan ahead, learn your stuff, be dedicated, and eventually you’ll get there.
even by yourself. I’m going the same path, solo teams are possible.

Just came across this blog yesterday that could help. The author uses a lot of marketplace content from various(UE, Unity) sources to piece together his game.

I think giving up is ok guys. I really do. Sometimes you think something is your future, you get into it, and realize “hey that isn’t for me!” … I changed my major 6 times! 6! :smiley: Didn’t make me a failure, it made me a success! I found what I was looking for… so I say go forth and find new things! You’ll probably be back though, games are one of those black holes :wink: