thanks to Epic for making the engine FREE 4 the first 1 million!

Great change, this will really help all the indie developers out there!

1 of many great changes :slight_smile:

thanks Epic :slight_smile:

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google it, its Awesome :slight_smile:

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I doubt they will make the engine source code not public anymore and only big software houses paying $500,000+ either year or per project would be allowed to use it. Those already have exclusive 24/7 support and I am pretty sure with way better documentation than what is public for poor indie developers and small software houses. And at least for documentation that is not a good thing, Apple is not giving big software houses an advantage on its App Store about that with all documents always up to date for everyone.

It’s completely impossible for me to work with Unreal without source code access.
Would be worse than Unity, reason why I never bothered touching old UDK when they made it free for indies.

that’s the big difference between epic and other “big corporations”, epic isn’t run by the corps,

offer up some proof :

epic “gave away” 100 million dollars …, no chance a corporation would “ever” allow even 1 million to be given away!!!

anyway, that’s a hundred million reason.

thanks again to Epic for “giving a way” 100 million!

Ming Ning,

you say “have to behave and act like corp”,

but you have no proof of that?

in fact, they are not acting like corp at “all”,

making the engine free for up to 1 million?!?!

giving 100 million away for “free”?

and your trying to find fault? but you still have not found any?!?!

why don’t you give some proof?!?! o wait u don’t have any?

their own assets were given away(totally separate from the 100 million), but they cost millions to “make”, have you ever given away assets that you created that cost millions?!? no? didn’t think so!!!

and that’s totally separate, Epic gave away 20million + in paragon assets!!! thanks again to Epic for giving stuff to people for no charge :slight_smile:

can you name even 1 other corp that has given anything of “value” away? please list one before you start making up more “Fake” stories?!

ok ty sir.

While Sony and Microsoft have the hardware, Epic is positioning to be equivalent in size software provider.

There’s no reason to do what you claim because they want everyone using their technology. If they close source then there’s a million game engines out there and Epic knows this and feel it more than you do.

But of course, if you don’t pay, you have no right to use UDN support. That’s obvious. Unity, Crytek and everybody else do the same.

Are you sure about that? From what I know, UDN is just another answer hub with active Epic guys. I don’t think they have better documentation :slight_smile: Correct me if I’m wrong.