Thanks for the gift of the game Tomb Raider "Goty" and also by the 4% of the game playable

Thanks for the gift of the game Tomb Raider Goty and also by the 4% of the game I managed to play hahahaha …

I do not know why the mistake, but at the beginning when I try to get the bow to hunt, the game opens an error window: “Unable to create cinstream: ac_bowcollect” and the game closes. And it just does not happen. I never played this game and as configured the chart on my computer, it was just too beautiful! Unfortunately by this error, well, thanks EPIC for the 4% playable.

I’ve done everything within my reach! I restarted Windows, checked by the EPIC initializer, did nothing!

Configuring My PC:

Core i3 6100 3.70GHz
Video Card: AMD RX-460 4GB
HD: 500GB with 15GB free.
Windows 7 64bits SP1

Sorry my bad english, i using google translator.

And you think it helps creating such a thread in the epic marketplace which has nothing to do with the problem and start laughing about someone who gifted you the game?

Especially when you can google the problem and see that this problem also happens with the steam version , which means that it has nothing to do with Epic at all but with the developers of the game…

Type the error message into google and you’ll find the solution in one of the first 3 search results.

I really hate people who hate around instead of searching on their own…


Hey @HAF-Blade!

Lets make sure we’re being civil to others in the forums.

Did any of the solutions you saw seem like they would work with the Epic version? The solutions I saw at the top of Google all involved going into Steam and changing the language settings to English there, then going into the game and choosing your actual desired language. Doesn’t seem like that would apply to the Epic version since I don’t see a way to change the language in the Epic app.

in my opinion the first 4 toberaiders are better than the new ones would be brutally remade 4k i be happy to play…meby si impossible to change textures and meshes in old games? and add a resolution? diablo 2 running 4k todey