Thanks for letting us use Unreal Engine, I've always wanted to make a game.

I’ve never been happier than when I’m using Unreal Engine to make a game, thank you for releasing this to the public. This is fantastic. I look forward to working on my project everyday.

Thank you!

Here here.

Thanks Epic!


Exactly. The tools that we have at our disposal is amazing.


We are very glad we can help to make that dream come true. :smiley:

Yup. Add my thanks here aswell.

I wouldn’t be able to do anything wihout blueprints.


There are still many actual thank you threads for epic, but i do not think, that that will harm the glory of epic in any way, when we spread the words and do not release them concentrated.
Glory epic timehole. I started twentyseven years ago, working on an epic musical, (look in the recruitmentsection, if you want to join).
I am proud to deliver you my work, next week Kickstarter starts.
Here some hq snippets (hm should i call them AAA snippets?).

Role of Eclobaran is mighty one and he likes sausage and chickens.
First scene Eclobaran is entetering Scene and do some sort of singing, while eating some chili ribs.

“You eat my freetime,
i have to feed you,
But cost no dime,
because i need you”

Eclobarans daughter Beclobaran is entering the scene on rollerblades with a thunasandwich in the backpack and grandma boclabaran.
While circeling around eclobaran they shout the refrain:

Epic Epic Epic Epic.

I could need some suggestions here i am stuck.