Thank You Unreal Engine Team

Last night, I was able to get the build environment setup, perform the build and step through the code. It was such a relief being able to start at WinMain and watch what was happening. Coming from Unity, where we spent about six months in frustration working with an engine that tied our hands to no end, to the UE4(5,6,…) community is something we are grateful for on several levels. Thank you again for making this available to us.

One question though, and honestly I haven’t reviewed the rules & regulations - are we allowed to discuss the details of the source files in this forum? I know it may seem a stupid question but I don’t want to discuss architecture and/or issues in depth in a forum that may be considered public.

Just to echo Jerry’s point of flexibility, I’ve been playing around with the engine for about a day or so and the editor is really easy to use…

Compare that to CryEngine, and a good urban level would take you a couple of weeks.

I’m in total agreement. I really like where UE is heading with availability and usability.

For your last question, the rules around talking about the source code are detailed in the license that’s included with the source in the root directory. Its a fairly easy read, so your best bet is to look there.

Hi Jerry,

The 4.1 update to the EULA added an explicit allowance for this:

You are permitted to post snippets of Engine Code, up to 30 lines of code in length, online in public forums for the limited purpose of discussing the content of the snippet and not for any other purpose. You may not post any portion of the Engine Code for the purpose of Distributing Engine Code in a manner not permitted above, or for the purpose of enabling non-Engine Licensees to use or modify any Engine Code, or to aggregate, recombine, or reconstruct any larger portion of the Engine Code.

Michael Noland

Thank you Michael. Yes, I remember reading that now that you’re pointing it out.