Thank you so much for Lumen

I just got done testing out the new nvrtx dlss 4.27 and basically the whole Unreal Engine 5 team you need to be thanked. I have no words. You are so far ahead in the global illumination game… I’m sure nanite is ahead too. basically everything you guys and girls and everyone are doing is so far ahead of everything else. There’s no competition! When Unreal Engine 5 General availability comes out it will basically be the realization of “it just works”. I can’t go back to the other versions of the engine no matter what fork or what branch. I can’t go back to limited bounce GI with horrible noise everywhere. I can’t even use ddgi for what I want because it’s just totally inaccurate.
I want your team to keep breaking things in UE 5 main because I know that means you are pushing boundaries. You are trying new and complicated crap that will in the end pay off for users of Unreal Engine 5. :fist::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Edit: I think the only reason why us people who really care who are testing the earlier versions of the engine sounds so worked up when we report a bug is just that fact that we care and we can see the end product and how awesome it’s going to be. But I’m just speaking for myself.