Thank you Mr. Sjoerd de Jong!!!


I have just watched Mr… Sjoerd de Jong’s talk at GDC 2019.

It not only eased my concerns about C++ but showed me how beneficial C++ can be to optimize my game code.

So I just wanted to post this to say Thank you!


Hey Joshua! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: That is really nice to hear!

Agreed - Sjoerd, you do a great job explaining stuff. :slight_smile:

I also highly recommend checking out his Epic Games

“An In-Depth look at Real-Time Rendering” on the Epic Learn Portal.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I got a new thing coming up, soon I hope. We are looking at some time in April. It was meant to be one of our GDC Learning Theater talks but I am working on finishing it and getting it online instead! Less wide scale and in depth as the BP and rendering ones, but I got a really cool visual scene built that demonstrates our new sky and atmosphere feature, including some of the more wild uses of it that go beyond the obvious “you can place it and it just works” aspect of it.

We also recorded the Kickstarter course in January and I believe that will go live soon. It is a very wide dive into everything that exists in the engine regarding 8 subjects that we picked, and how they compare to each other, explained via large schematic images of all tools/features that are in the engine.

Also expressing my deepest thanks!
So very useful information.