Thank You More Than 1 Million Times @Unreal Engine 4 @Epic Games

I would Like to Say Thank You! I have never in my life been treated so incredible well by any person(s) in the world, then I have been treated by [USER=“760689”]Unreal Engine 4[/USER] and @Epic Games. Never Have I ever felt so welcome, and honored in my entire existence on this planet. I have tried so hard in Life, really I am sure Many are exactly the same way. I personally have never had the opportunity for Proper Education and schooling, when it come to Computer Science and Game Development. How ever I have spent every single last minute I could spare in the last 16 years of my life trying to Learn. It has been a struggle to say the least, 2 kids and a wife, bills to pay. For the past almost 4-5 years I have been learning Unreal Engine 4! The last few years have been the most incredible experiences in my Life. It Truly has everything to do with Unreal Engine 4. I have been able connected with friends, learn, build, complete games for jams. I have learned So many aspects of game development, No other Person or Company or organization has ever supported there developers and Friends So well before. UE4 and community has changed my life forever no doubt, every single day you change my life in the greatest of ways. There truly is No way a scrub like myself will ever be able to repay the debt of gratitude, I will spend my life trying though I promise. The Opportunities that you keep providing to As many people as possible will not go to waste. You are truly the Greatest… This is exactly What I needed. Real fundamentals explained in very professional manner. First course was a little bit of a refresher, But actually very crucial fundamental information was explained and I greatly benefited from. If I had not said Thank you enough to all the Incredible people even the mods on this forum YOU ARE INCREDIBLE and AWESOME and have changed my life for the GOOD. You Truly are my Epic Unreal Hero’s.

The honor is ours. Thank you for investing your valuable time with us. When you succeed, we succeed.

Very Best Regards,