Thank You its sooo EPIC

First I want to THANK YOU. Its amazing that you cared so much after everything. Your dedication to gaming and its community are breath taking. Your skill at relating to your customers and community should set a precendent.

For me the way helped them steal my money so you could get a cut. Then circled the wagons so you could keep it. Still stings months later. The extra pleasure you must get mocking how what must seem to you pocket change.

​​​​​​You have turned the engine into a cash cow to fuel your own games. High quality derivatives of other peoples ideas. Knowing you you were catering to the kind of behaviour that would allow to blame them for it. A perfect solution for your failing to develop the engine for anyone else’s needs. Then blame a volatile community for ignoring all forms of communication.

Maybe you should consider making into a system you could sell and give seminars on. Its could be one more of your kind of income strems.