Thank you epic!


I installed my new 2070 Super and i finally could do first steps on Unreal Raytracing and Quixel!

Guys at Epic, i am HEAVILY IMPRESSED. After nearly 20 decades of hopes for a day where i can really make photorealistic stuff, back then waiting many days for a frame, i FINALLY CAN!
N REALTIME! I had for the last 10 hours only WOW feelings while experimenting.
You guys are AMAZING, and i cant believe this still, also that you did made QUIXEL free for us mere mortals and also Unreal engine with ALL features. I love you guys.
This put a big smile on my face and i will do all stuff myself now. :wink: With no renderfarm, and no desperation searching after assets and materials.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! And may you prosper and become even greater!
Amazing! <3 <3 <3