Thank you Epic Staff

I don’t see enough people say thank you to everyone at Epic. I know this is a thankless job sometimes and users of the engine can get difficult/rude/impatient. Most of us know that this engine is extremely complex and is built on many years of experience and hard work. And you have been kind enough to share it with us for free and also all the other content that we’re allowed to use in our own games.

I love the twitch streams with Chance and Ray, really bring life and laughs to the videos.

Anyway, thank you for the hard work and patience. Wishing the whole community and Epic great success.

100% Agree


Yea I know, there’s plenty of stuff to improve and to complain about but at least they are constantly working. I have been through 3 other engines before and they all were disasters. Unreal’s art pipeline is especially great and it’s the first time in years that I don’t have to write custom converters for art.
So even if I’m kinda ****** right now because a bug that’s bugging me real bad isn’t fixed for 3 versions now, I still appreciate the hard work and especially the new licensing models that allows us little guys access to the engine :smiley: