Thalassophobia: Alone at Sea

Hey everyone.

Here’s an animation I’ve made in Unreal utilizing the few marketplace plugins. (Waterline Pro and Ultra Dynamic Sky). Small bit of post in Davinci Resolve.

I wanted to make something that touches on the intense and often overwhelming fear of deep, vast bodies of water.

Hope you enjoy it!


Hi there @cinema16,

Welcome back to the Unreal Engine forums! Always great to see returning faces :slight_smile:

As for your project, I’m obsessed with the feeling you establish. No screaming or gasping noises - just the eerie noises of the waves as the boat sinks. Incredible work. Do you plan on doing a series of “phobia” projects?

Thanks so much! Yes, I am planning on doing a few more of these sort of visuals that play of fears or unsettling imagery/situations.

It is something I certainly wish to explore more and have “fun” with.

Reminds me of the openings scene from Bioshock.
Great job ! :raised_hands: