TGA import fail

A lot of times when i try importing TGA fail and must change the file to png, others works.

i attach a example.

link text

Hi Knack -

Currently there is a known issue importing Grayscale TGAs, for reference UE- 5198. If you change the Mode in Photoshop or other Imaging Program to an RGB, it should import correctly into the engine

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I am having the same problem but this doesn’t work for me.

I am using the assets for the “2D Sidescroller with Blueprints” on the Unreal Engine Youtube channel. I have used the assets on a Windows PC and everything is fine, but I also use a Mac and they will not import into the Unreal Engine on the Mac. I have taken the assets into PhotoShop, but they are already RGB.

Hey MikeHammond,

I just tested importing the assets on the Mac by following this link and downloading the zipped folder. I had no problem importing the textures and them appearing as expected in a new blank 4.12.5 project.

What engine version are you running?

Would you test importing the .png files from the zipped folder into a new blank project?

Could you also provide me with your system specs?

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


I have the same issue with UE4.12.5 and greyscale .TGA files. is this ever going to be fixed? RGB textures work fine, but that seems like wasted space to me

Hey Construc_,

Below is a link to the issue on our newly created Public Issues tracker. You can use this to track issues that are important or pertain to the issues you are experiencing.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


Sorry for the bump, but it’s marked as fixed, but I am still getting this with 4.13.


It is still marked to be fixed for 4.14 that I can see. Perhaps it was updated within the time frame between when you posted your question and now?

Just FYI, in 4.17.2 it’s still not fixed