TFuture as a Type. Requires Template Argument List

Hi everyone.

I am currently exploring TFutures in Unreal and I am having a little bit of difficulty getting started.
Essentially I cannot get VS to recognize TFuture as a type.


‘TFuture’: use of class template requires template argument list

Argument list for class template “TFuture” is missing.

Unfortunately, there is very little documentation about TFutures, so I am flying blind here.
I have explored AsycTest.cpp suggested from here:

Template: TFuture< ResultType & > | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

I am using this utility as an example, however, I cannot see how they added the template arguments:

Admittedly, I do have limited experience using templates, so I am pretty sure this is a problem between keyboard and chair.

TLDR: What do I need to add to my class in order to use TFuture as a type.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



Have you figured out how to use TFutures?