TFunction example

I’m having trouble getting TFunctions to work as method argument. Initially, I want to pass a lambda that takes as only parameter a reference to ASupraPawn, returning void:

void SetCarrier(class ASupraPawn& NewCarrier, TFunction<void(class ASupraPawn&)> CarrierMethod);

This gave me the following error:

Error: In BallPlayerHistoryComponent: Missing '*' in Expected a pointer type

Changing the references to pointers gave me:

Error: In BallPlayerHistoryComponent: Unrecognized type 'TFunction'

I then added the include:

#include "Core/Public/Templates/Function.h"

Which gave me an error in some other file:

Unparsed class 'Function' found while validating DependsOn entries for 'BallPlayerHistoryComponent'

There are no examples of usage of TFunction, and I’m unsure how to use them properly. I figured they would just be a drop in replacement for std::function?

Turns out that TFunction is not supported as a parameter in a UFUNCTION().

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