Texturing terrain and placing vegetation

I am just starting with UE4 and I would like to use UE4 landscape visualizations. Is there some way in UE4 to paint terrain textures an place vegetation in terrain by using splatmaps or image masks, see splatmap example below? Or are there some other ways to do this in UE4? For example if I wanted to use a certain texture in red area and place certain mixture of grass/trees/rocks in the same area.

I would like to create a 2km x 2km terrain with 8-10 terrain textures and different trees and vegetation. Anyway, I would need an efficient way to place the textures and vegetation so that I would not need to paint all these manually.

In case that this is already discussed in some other thread or there are some tutorials available, could you please post the link?

When you go to the foliage tool there is a checkbox where you can restrict painting by landscape layer.

Everything is pretty much in these links:

Btw- I’m not sure why you are using UE4 for landscape visualization. What application?

Thanks for the link I will check it.

This is something that I have been creating with Unity3D free version (link below) but in UE4 the nature scenes look just fantastic and I would like to test if I could create something similar in UE4.


I checked the documentation a little bit and some Youtube tutorials about bringing WorldMachine terrain to UE4. Anyway, I would like to ask one question. Is it possible to use splatmap that has more colors than color channels (red, green, blue, black)? For example if I create splatmap in some image editor and I have 10 colors in the splatmap, see example below?


Yes- you could potentially do that, you’d have to setup a bunch of nodes to subtract the color values you don’t want until you get the intended result.

You could also look into importing them as layer info maps which wouldn’t require any additional instructions.