Texturing problem questions

Ok, I have imported a texture I created at the rez 512x512. When the black and white version is applied in the editor as a normal or anything else, it looks normal sized. When I import the blue scale version for better normal detail (all 512x512) it still looks fine. As soon as I import the colored version the colored version looks like someone zoomed in on 1/4 of the original picture. How do I fix this?

Also, whats a good way to create a visible 3D look to the textures like decent bump mapping, or better yet, normal maps? I’ve seen some nice examples in the store, but its not free so that makes it hard to look and find out.

Personally, I’m used to working with tools like Cinema 4D, Vue d’ eSpirit, Amapi, and Truespace. So this is a rather different way of doing things, and it seems needlessly complicated.