Texturing model

Hi Guys,

I’ve downloaded a model from Turbosquid, but it didnt come with any form of UV mapped material/texture and looks like this in default world grid material:


I’ve tried attaching a fur like material to it but it looks like this and seems to apply itself to the models basic polygons:


How can I fix this easily so it looks more normal cat fur like?

You’re going to need to edit it by hand in a modelling package and create UV coordinates for it yourself. Tutorials on UV mapping exist for a variety of software that a quick Google search will list, but it’s not an easy task to get your head around if you’re completely new to 3D content creation.

Other options: get another cat; pay someone to unwrap and texture it for you.

Cheers for that, it looks like I need another cat, didn’t mixamo have a cat at one point, what happened to it?

Does anyone know of a good free textured cat model?

hey you could check out blendswap if you find a model you want i will dl it for you or you could make a quick account <-------- rigged cat <-------- siamese low poly cat

Thanks for that mrStarFire, I’ll have a look tomorrow afternoon after work and I’ll let you know many thanks for your kind offer!

no problem

Just checked that rigged cat out, it’s awesome!

Will that import into ue4 easily? And does it come with all the textures/materials?

I’d really appreciate it if you’d be as kind as to please send me a DL link to it.

Many thanks mr star Fire!

Hey yes it comes rigged with all mats m8 and will export to fbx easily the link i allready posted is the dl link . or do you mean you want me to dl it and host it somewhere

If you could provide from a DL host esp in fbx I’d massively appreciate it mate!

Thank you so much!

not a problem bud gimme 5 more minutes

HMM problem do you want the walk animation or do you want me to pose it into a neutral pose before exporting it?

ok so i assumed you did not want the animation i m just finding a host

hi so im verry sorry but no matter what i tried i could not get the material to come along for the ride …but it should be much easier to texture than that cat you had before sorry again

please careful downloading this site looks terrible but it works


Thanks for all your kind help anyhow, if I download blender and sign up to the site will it be easy to export the cat and import it into ue4.

If I can get the animation in there too it’s be a bonus.

I’m just really scared about downloading viruses/malware etc, if you think the site might be dodgy.

Thank you so much and sorry for wasting your time!

How would you give credit according to the license in a game though?

If you publish it as a game you include it in the list of credits and let the licence holder know, usually including a link to the licence and a statement of changes if any that are made.

Yes sorry the file came with a licence readme but i did not include it.And yes its very easy to download blender and sign up to that site mate.Good luck with your projects

Thanks mr starfire!