Texturing Large Assets - Best Methods?


I have some large building level pieces and was wondering if I could get some advice on texturing them.

For example, I have a large modular column section that I am attempting to texture. (See image below)


I am applying a tiling brick texture to it with it’s UVs scaled up so that I have a good resolution up close on the column:


This is working fine, but I also want to have a high poly column mesh that I can use the normals from for edges and details:


So, it seems to me that I can’t use the UVs for the tiling texture so I made a new UV set on the mesh like this:


I put the above UV set as index 0, a lightmap UV set at index 1, and the tiling UV set at index 2.

I baked the hi-res mesh normal map and created a normal for the tiling texture map and combined them in UE4:


Finally I was planning on creating some other tiling textures for dirt, grime, cracks, etc. and vertex painting them into the mesh in UE4 to break up the tiling.

My question then would be is this a good way to go about texturing larger modular meshes?

Or is there a more streamlined approach?

Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:


Just use a larger texture map. Do 2 to 4k instead. That’s all I’ve done when I need more detail on something large.