Texturing issue

Hello everyone.
I am learning UE4 and started to import my own static meshes. I always worked with 3dsmax.
The problem comes when I apply a material to the model, some of them work just fine but with others the texture totally breaks. (See image)


I dont know if this a issue with the exporter (Currently using 3dsmax 2012). I tried my own materials and ones from Starter Content.
This is my exporter configuration, I disabled Turbosmooth and Materials just in case.

Thanks in advance!

Have you uv mapped the mesh in 3ds max + do you probably use something like parallax shading (bump offset node) in your material? :slight_smile:

Thank you fighter5347 , it was my fault :rolleyes:. All I need to do was to apply the UV mapping and now it works like a charm. I still have to test all these things.

So I’m posting here again just for not opening another thread as it has something in common with my last question.

I always created my arch models in AutoCAD first and then worked with them at 3dsMax. I managed to export them in a fbx format with several materials into UE4.
I tried different ways, and I decided to go for one single piece of the building/room.

The problem is I cant find the way to UV adjust the textures into UE4 (the floor in the image, for example).
Do I have to create and scale them in 3dsMax? I followed some tutorials already but right now I’m unable to continue.


Doing them with BSP works fine, the issue appears when importing the mesh.
Thanks in advance

Normally you change the scale with the UV map in your 3d progam -> scale the uv. Otherwise you could also open the material - add a texure coordinate node - connect it with the uv from the texture sample - now you can change the size of the texture :slight_smile:

Thank you again. I think I’ll do it all in 3dsmax with unwrap uvw for both uv maps.