Texturing imported models


I’m working with Reality Capture for about a month now, so I’m still kinda new to it. I have some questions that relate to slightly more complex workflows to get the best model and texture quality out of your data. I am already quite familiar with the regular workflow and have seen plenty of tutorials.

My workflow at the moment is as followed, but still trying to improve and finalize:

  • Normal align
  • Reconstruct Normal/High detailed model
  • Simplify model (let’s say a 10.000 poly model)
  • Export to an external 3d package for UV-ing
  • Import the model with new UVs into RC
  • Bake back Diffuse texture in RC

Apart from these steps I also export a less simplified HQ model (let’s say 10 Million polygons) to bake back the normal map in Substance designer.


There are a couple of issues that I have with that workflow right now:

  • Whenever I import a model back into RC the settings mentions it’s a preview quality mesh (even if it used to be a high quality reconstruction). I do not know if this impacts the texture quality as well. The outcome is pretty good, but I loose the option to bake textures higher then 4K which is crucial for my model.
  • The second thing I’m seeing is that the simplify tool works great in general but seems to have problems sometimes if it needs to simplify from a very high polygon to a low polygon mesh. It can create greeble and distorted polygons which can take significant time to fix. In the case of one of the models (a stone pillar) that I tried it was even better to create a preview quality mesh and simplify that (which surprised me a lot). See image below (green: areas where the preview model seems to use less polygons where they are not needed, while the HQ_simplified model is more even all over. Red: non-manifold/inverted polygons (again, not present in the preview model on the left). Is there a workflow that you can recommend?