Texturing Ground with multiple textures

Hi everyone,

I was just “walking” around in Italy with Google Maps to get some inspiration for textures/materials.

When I looked at the ground I thought about how to create something like that.
I got at least 3 different materials on that floor (different shapes, colors, rotated)

I am just curious how would you do that for game?
Would you blend materials (paint the other material in)? Or maybe create one plane (e.g. in Maya) do some cuts with the multi-cut tool, seperate them to inivudial objects and then assign different materials to the individual planes? (that solutions doesn’t sound very pretty :slight_smile: It might work, but then MAT2 and MAT3 would just “touch” each other without the mortar in between.

Does anyone have an idea?
I am a self taught 3D artist (props/environments), still learning, and I even don’t know how to google that :stuck_out_tongue:
If there are any tutorials (videos, articles…) out there and if you would know how to do something like that for production, I’d be very thankful if you could help me.

Not sure if I explained the problem clear… :slight_smile: