Texturing from blender To UE4

So im done modeling a gun and done texturing it but when i import my gun and texture the texture only create mat file but wont apply to the gun how to solve this problem?

i wrap the texture in blender as an ambient occlusion and edit it in GIMP and import it as an fbx file

make sure you save the t4exture in a format that UE4 supports eg png / tga … fyi jpeg is not supported

i already saved it with png

How have you added the texture?

e.g when I do it like that it works:

  1. create a material slot for the mesh
  2. add the texture - image or movie
  3. uv map your mesh
  4. export it
  5. import the mesh and enable “import textures/materials”

Otherwise just export/import your texture separately -> that’s how I always do it :smiley: