Texturing Editor

Since the workflow

( Revit / ***CAD / 3DS MAX ) Designer → UV Texture → Export Raw Object ( 3DS / OBJ / etc ) with specific requirements → Import them into UE → Manage everything → Review the changes → Something is not as it should → Redo all 10 hours job…

is a bit overwhelming I am kindly requesting an Editor where peoples can texture a generic raw objects directly into the scene without those preparations in background.

Are you asking for Photoshop/Substance editor inside the engine editor?

First of, if that would take you 10 hours Im not sure I’d hire you :stuck_out_tongue:
Second, once you have set up a master material in ue4, your workflow afterwards will already be significantly faster, along with the minor tweaks before re-importing them.

You don’t need to export to UE4 to see if your textures are correct, you can see things very similar in your 3D app, or in Substance, or in Marmoset

Probably I didn’t describe properly the issue.

  • The workflow currently - Revit -> MAX -> UV unwrapping -> Importing into UE4 -> Do a lot of work texturing in there -> Curse everything alive -> Restart the work.

Lastly I practically spend about 5 weeks in a singly project tryout with this workflow until I have abandoned UE4.
( the 10 hours was actually a good wish in my case to be honest, thanks for the heads up :frowning: )

That’s why I very wish for an editor or tool or something which to remove needs everything to pass trough 3DS MAX for UV unwrapping, and everything regarding put textures to happens directly inside UE4 IDE.

it still seems like your workflow is the bad part, not the tools.
you should do your texturing work in the phase where you’re at Max, not when you already made it into UE4. as darthviper107 says, you’ll be able to see your texturing applied within Max.
also “Restart the work” ? why can’t you just go back to Max, tweak, re-export?

UE4 is a game engine, not an art production tool. the tool you’re asking for isn’t going to happen. and even if it would exist, it wouldn’t be any different than what you do in Max already.

Model 3D Object in 3Ds Max -> Unwrap in 3Ds Max (-> Create Highpoly in Mudbox -> Bake HighPoly Normals in 3Ds Max) -> texturize in Substance Painter -> Import in UE.

That’s my work flow and it’s pretty fast if you ask me.

Your workflow is messed up and I wonder why you have to “manage everything” in UE. If Something is “not as it should”, you are doing something wrong.

For sure I am doing something not correctly with the Unwraping part, because it never happens (as expected).
And I still can not understand why it can not be simplified to fit the needs of the engine as a tool inside the IDE, but need to be managed mandatory outside.

Because why reinventing the wheel? There are tools out there which do a pretty good job (Maya, Blender, 3Ds Max, Zbrush, Substance Painter).
Programming a Texture/UV Editor would need resources which are better used in other areas, like VR or Graphics Research.