Texturing different faces of a wall with different materials?

Take this wall mesh for example :

When I apply a material to it in Unreal Engine, it obviously automatically adds that material to all faces of it.

I would like to be able to drag more than one material for this mesh - I would like to have the “indented” section be one material, and the extruded top and sides to have another.

Currently when I add multiple instances of this mesh together I get this :

I would like to be able to have a separate texture be used for the indented sections marked in red in the image below :

What I normally do is give it a temp material in the 3D Package (Make a nice pretty material in 3DS Max for one side of the wall, Green for another, Yellow the rims .etc) - Then when I import it into the engine and drag it into the scene, I can set whatever Material I like on the right (In the details panel) of the mesh in the scene.

If you wanted to do it so all the walls meshes share the same textures, you can even edit them in the “Static Mesh Editor” by double clicking it in the Content Browser.

Tl;Dr - Apply temp materials in your 3D package, then when you import into UE4, You can edit to your hearts content :slight_smile:

Yes, you need to setup a multi-material setup in your 3D software.
If I can link you to the official documentation from Autodesk’s website :slight_smile:

Exactly what I am looking for, but having trouble finding it for Maya - Everything I have found thus far is about using multiple objects in a scene, and having different materials on each - not multiple materials on one object like in the documentation for 3ds you have here.

Wait! Got it!! thanks! :slight_smile:

Simply a matter of selecting the individual faces you want to have a given texture on in maya, then the faces for the other - after import UE 4 will recognise that the material takes more than one.