Texturing Characters

Hey, I am curious as to how to texture a character for Unreal Engine 5, I am a character artist and want to drop my characters into unreal 5 from 4, but I want to put in more high poly meshes, do these meshes still need some level of optimisation, or do I drop the high poly in? if so, how would I go about texturing it, as 3ds max and painter may struggle with higher poly meshes.
I am still learning stuff for unreal so I don’t know everything so hopefully this isn’t a silly question! :smiley:

You can essentially get the mesh with polypaint/vertex color from zbrush or other software.
If you need uvs, well…you will need to open UV from a high poly mesh, which could be frustrating and unpredictable.
Best way to approach is to open UVs on a unsubdivided geometry, then add details and then export the high poly.
So you can have access to both poly paint and uv textures.

As it is right now, nanite is not currently working with rigged geometries with weight painted on them.

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