TextureShare API - needs documentation and explanation

So, i want to make use of the new TextureShare API but there is no documentation, examples or even an explanation of how it works anywhere to be found.
There is an example BP in the engine content but it does not work…

So…How does it work? Looking at the c++ code for the plugin it seems to be using DX texturesharing … Its not compatible with Spout it seems - i tried that.
Can i share a texture from Unreal to an external application on the same computer? Can it be a standalone c++ program? How do i implement this?

Please, some examples and help is needed :slight_smile:

Hey datee, thanks for the recommendation. I work with the UE Documentation team, and I can pass along your feedback to the rest of the team. In the meantime, let us know if there’re any other topics that require additional documentation.