TextureSampler gets bleached?


I’m just playing with creating materials and I’m having an issue where my colour textures are getting ‘bleached’ out so that they look very pale when applied to models. In the image below you can see the Texture in the Content Browser looks fine, it also looks fine in the details panel of the material editor. But the texture looks very pale when it’s actually brought into the editor and also when applied to a wall in the scene.

Is this just the way pbr works or am I missing something here?

What happens when you set MipValueMode to None? Also you wouldnt want to use the roughness map like that. Use it as the alpha to Lerp between 2 roughness values.

At first sight looks like a gamma issue. Did you import it as sRGB?
It should show up washed out in the content browser if that was the issue though. Check anyways.

Thanks guys. Checking the sRGB checkbox did improve the texture colour quite significantly so that must have been the issue.