Textures Problem

Hi Everyone,
First of all i dont know if this is the right place to post this. but im having a problem i have exported a CUP with the format " FFX " using blender. but for some reason whenever i put that on to a scene in UE4 The Textures shows up as white. Any solutions? Im new…

Thanks in advance.

Once you export from blender and import into Unreal4 you will still need to import the textures and make a material file and apply the textures into it, then apply the textures to the object.

  1. Right click the main texture file, and Make a Material. and apply your textures to the New material File by opening it.
  2. Open your Items Static Mesh “Your Object CUP per-say”.
  3. Click drag your Material Over to the slot for Materials “Notice the block in the Window where it shows your object will Highlight Green”, drag and drop
    materials file to it.

Hope that helps.