Textures positioned by rgb mask are tearing

Hi! I’m currently working on high resolution planet Earth shader and i have issue with texture tearing.
I have 8 4k textures positioned by two rgba mask and i floor it and clamp it to avoid pixels between 0\1
and turned of mipmaps so it has to be full resolution and pixel to pixel but no it isn’t.
For some reason i still see seams between all textures.Between vertical align textures are barely noticeable but horisontal textures making awful seam.
I have checked rgba mask few times and i didn’t find anything wrong masks are pixel to pixel and there no half transparent pixels to.
I also found same issue here [link text][1]
but suggested solution is not working for me.
Any ideas what is wrong?

Besides mip-mapping, you need to be aware of texture compression and texture filtering. Those might cause complication with using masks that way.

i did it like this

if filter turned to default (from texture group) it looks like this