Textures not loading properly in editor


I’ve been trying to find a solution to this issue, but most post are referring to another issue. I’ve tried setting “r.Streaming.PoolSize 6000” but this doesn’t change my issue. Here’s my issue:

When I start the editor a lot of my textures don’t load, I get this as a result:

For my textures to load properly in my viewport I need to open that material in the material editor, without editing it, just open that window and it loads. As seen below.

Can anyone guess why this could be happening?

Thanks in advance!

  • Wesley

Anyone any ideas? Is this due to overload on a base material? It didn’t do it at first, but by adding more textures I think it started doing this? Is there a maximum texture limit the editor loads?

This fixed it for me:

Couldn’t find it in the past due to it referring to ligthtmap streaming and not texture streaming. In case anyone encounters my issue, go check it out!