Textures / material performance?

Hi. I have question:

I seen many ppl uses multiply, divide, contrast etc nodes on base color texture.
Does this affect performance? Are all those material calculations done every frame (=lower performance) or material is only once compiled and then those nodes does not anymore affect performance?

Im asking because i created some meshes, hi poly in zbrush, bake in s.painter, however normal maps are sometimes not good so i found multiplying normal map R and G by x2 give my meshes much better normal map. So im asking if i can do this freely in matetial editor or i have to rework and reimport only textures without additional math calculations?

Thanks for answers :slight_smile: .

It’s done on every frame per every pixel. So it does cost performance. But nowadays GPU’s are really fast to do lot of computations so it might not matter at all.

Thanks Kalle, however i have problems on all normal maps, they are just not enough intensive. If i imagine 10-20 textures in scene at once, 1000x1000 px thats multi-million more calculations every frame, thats scare me…
but on other hand, it increase instructions from 89 to only 90 which is almost nothing…

Increasing the intensity of your normal map through the material editor shouldn’t give you a performance hit. There are also ways to increase intensity through photoshop, and from what I understand CrazyBump has an intensity setting as well.

Yes, as you say… i increased “R G contrast” through substance designer and that gave me satysfying results.