Textures; licencing agreements and the marketplace.


I just signed up for** gametextures.com** and their licencing agreements seem to be somewhat more flexible than say cgtextures.com for example but I am still concerned that there would be issues with the textures in the market place.

So the problem is that generally speaking texture providers don’t like their textures being distributed, yet it is inevitable that they are distributed if they are in a game, and on the market place they certainly wouldn’t want someone with a bunch of poor quality models and 20 of their textures selling an asset pack for $2 on the marketplace.

Of course they may not feel like its a problem when somebody makes a really high quality model selling for $30, that has a couple of their textures used in a responsible fashion, but where and how do they draw the line?

I think this is an issue that a lot of people have not really thought about, but it is something that requires attention.

To quote gametextures.com :

I don’t believe any game I’ve seen encrypts its textures? and even if they did they’d need to de-crypt them in order to play the game. I suppose what they mean is that everything is contained in a uasset file or something similar, still, if somebody can open that they can export it from the editor.

In some ways this might give some new life to the value of texture artists since they have almost been replaced by this sort of repository as of late, or people might start releasing untextured models, I’m not sure, so I’m starting this conversation with my fellow forum members here and I want to hear your comments about this issue. As a solo game developer I’ve never had so much power that I have with UE4, and I’m really glad about that because personally I can’t stand the “indie” scene, its full or prats and hipsters who say cliche things like “Call of Duty sucks” and “Halo is for idiots”, who wheren’t even old enough to play 256 color games yet think their pixelated 32bit graphics are retro and what classic gaming is all about. Well, thats my little rant, but I really look forward to the market place being somewhere that can empower a game developer like me who doesn’t always play well with others.

Edit: I just want to say that there is a difference between the indie “scene” that I dislike, and people who are actually independent without making a *** out of it like they are they greatest avant garde movement since women where first allowed to wear pants.

I think it’d be safe to assume that the better artists out there would not use any textures out of the box, but rather use them as a starting point to create something of their own. Does the licensing cover such scenario?

Chong, you are totally and completely wrong, there is no reason why somebody who is good at modeling would also be good at creating there own textures. GameTextures.com is used by several, if not most, AAA studios.

Further more I recognize some of gametextures.com’s decals and textures from games released by epic and I also know that Hourences’s Solus uses GameTextures.com, in fact, pretty much everyone is using them these days, especially this website in particular, GameTextures.com. And in generally speaking these textures have had no modifications done to them at all.