Textures lacking detail present in photos


I have recently acquired RC on Steam to use in a project aimed at integrating photogrammetry and immersive journalism, and am overall extremely impressed with the software. I am having one issue, though, which has been quite tough to crack on my own.

The issue is with the texturing. I have been unable to make the textures as good as I feel they should be, even with unwrapping settings that show the Texture Quality metric at 100% (8K - optimal texel size). Granted, this is with a simplified model (within RC - 240m to 2.4m faces), but it is my understanding that the reprojected textures should be just as good, right? And even on a 24m model, the textures generated are the same as in the 2.4m one.

Here’s an example:

RC Texture detail


Detail on one of the images used in reconstruction


As you can see, it is obvious that the detail in the reconstruction is severely lacking. This is disappointing especially since I made the effort to take close up shots of the artwork so that it would have high quality textures in the final result.

Does anyone have guidance to offer? I have tried the obvious (tweaking unwrap settings, making sure there wasn’t any downscaling being done when texturing).

Thank you in advance! This is fantastic software and, if I can work this out, I’m sure I’ll be even happier with the results.

Regarding texture, RC sometimes does not display the full texture resolution in sweet render mode. RC is trying to fit them to GPU, max one 16K texture (or 4 8K textures, 16 4K textures, etc.). Therefore, the displayed texture can be at lower resolution than the calculated one.

Are your textures blurry also when you export or render them ?