Textures just show up as colors...

So I´ve created a house with different textures bound to the different parts in blender.
Then I have exported the model as .fbx and imported it in Unreal 4 Engine…
But when i go and add an image as a texture it changes to the relative colour of that texture but the texture itself does not show on the specified object.

tried to upload screenshot but got only “database error”

Sounds like your models do not have UVs set up, or that they are not exported correctly. You fix this in Blender, then repeat the export/import.

Assuming this is the case, here’s the documentation on UV mapping for Blender if you are unsure how to do it

Note that the only method of texture mapping that UE4 will accept is UV: Generated, Reflection, Normal, Stress, Tangent etc. will be ignored and treated as unmapped, hence the flat colour.

I was like you back then. If you’re new to all this theirs going to be alot And I MEAN ALOT of 24 hour tutorial alot just focued on 3d programs user interfaces… and I still have to learn more on modeling humans and bones… It’s all worth it yes… but sit back search youtube or whatever… then come back… trust me

Yup… that was it… thanks guys. Wrongly assumed that a basic UV-map was generated upon creation of the object…