Textures incorrectly importing from a 3DS Max .fbx file

Hey I’m having this problem and I haven’t been able to find anyone else with this problem. I’m currently trying to import a .fbx file, (a bones system containing two meshes with individual textures for each mesh) into UE4 (4.7.6). When I import the .fbx file I get multiple problems with the shaders and textures;

-One of the textures that I have assigned to one of my meshes doesn’t appear
-the normal map texture, when imported into UE4, now covers every mesh despite only being assigned to one mesh in the 3DS Max file
-The shaders that are imported, aren’t loading any colours, so instead of being the colours i set, they are the default UE4 colours

Any help on getting this sorted would be much appreciated.

Make sure you only use the Standard 3ds Max shader