[Textures]I am working on a level, i want to find a way to edit textures in a way that they can look torn and destroyed. Reply asap and feel free to ask any question

I have been trying different ways for the textures to look scraped up from inside, I have no luck doing that. I am working on vertex colour materials and image adjustment, idk maybe i can try these two and make the texture in the map look scraped up and destroyed like in an abandoned building.

i think you want to look into using vertex painting. ill link a video below that shows someone making a room look old with peeling paint and all that. just google vertex painting ue4 and you will find all kinds of tutorials on the topic.

Is it the same as blending materials like image adjustment or vertex colour materials? I tried doing it but the images in the tutorial weren’t too clear so I couldn’t use Much. But i will check the video you sent