Textures from substance to unreal stretching

Iv’e been working on this texture for a while now and I wanted to see how it worked in unreal. I imported the mesh and textures and for some reason the edges are stretched. Below I attached some images with my problem. You will notice that the substance painter texture is how it’s supposed to look around the edges where as the unreal one you can see the stretching on the edges. The problem areas are circled in unreal so you can see what i’m talking about. If someone has an answer it would be greatly appreciated.

Check how the UV’s appear in UE4, you can do that by opening the static mesh and turning on the UV preview

And, I know it won’t fix your issue, but the UV’s could be better, you could either attach the red part to the flat part with the Flamable graphic, or you could attach it to the larger outer metal piece, that would mean you’d end up with much fewer UV shells and you’d get better detail in your textures since it could use the space more.

Can you show your exported color/albedo texture as well?