Textures failing to import

so I followed this tutorial since I had to import a 3d model I made.

thats it.

when I import it into ue4, its the default white and the errors are these

it IS an FBX file. what am I doing wrong here? this is a huge hassle to deal with. any help is appreciated.

I tried import and import all too, but I did not change any settings while importing.

I do not know blender, but errors say what is wrong, read errors messages.

It is not error in texture, two meshes are messed up. bombom_box and bombom_sphere.
Looks like you forgot to do last step before exporting, like welding all verticies, remove collapsed ones etc. Not sure about blender again, but to me looks like you did not change those 2 primitives to polygons, they are still as box and sphere when exported.

Also unreal complains about missing smoothing groups and probably UVs.

Guess I gotta do that. No idea how which is just great.