Textures are very low resolution/quality after lighting build

Hi guys, I’ve got an issue when I build lighting on my levels. No matter what lighting quality- whether it’s preview or maximum, all of my textures are incredibly low-res and low quality. They look very similar to bad textures before “pop in”, for example. I’m not sure what happaned as this didn’t happen previously. Any info on a solution would be appreciated, thanks!

Screenshots pls.
I’d suggest checking your textures LOD group as well as their mip gen settings

Here are some pics:

My Mip Gen Settings are from the texture group, World. There’s a 0 LOD bias.



Looks like the rocks and trees were unchanged. Perhaps I will try and compare the two.

Try adjusting your graphics settings from low to whatever you had before.

What happens when you set your mode to “lit”? :wink:

I’m sure you’ve done this too, but have you tried playing any other similar game? I had that look before on a card that I pretty well fried, but for some reason it kept limping along.