Textures are black after packaging

hi, i’m new in unreal engine. Just i started my work in engine, but i have one problem in that my project, whenever package has been completed after that it shows all texture become black, what should i do?

Please don’t put the question in the title next time but in the description area.

In the static mesh properties, do you have the light map resolution set to a higher number for example 256 and light map coordinate index set to 1?

Hi Uday,

I’ve update the title of this post to something more appropriate.

I’m a little confused as to what you are trying to show in your screenshot. I don’t see anything that is black. It would be helpful to see a before and after comparison to know what your scene is supposed to look like.

Without that information we can only speculate on what your issue is.


No sir, here is my wall properties, and tell me what i need to change.

Actually the problem is, When i build the light after that i play the scene it show very good lighting in that, no light bugs and no light map spread check that image,

But when after complete the package process i play that package to see what my result is, But always its look like this

Hi UdayRaje,

Lightmaps not matching in a packaged build can be a few things. This will happen especially if you haven’t saved all before packaging you game. It may also help to delete your saved and intermediate folders in your project directory.

After you delete those folders open the project > build lighting > save all > then package. If the lightmaps still appear to be different, I will investigate further.



NO sir, I follow your all instruction what u given but still it’s coming like that only, same result no changes in that, i hope u help me to fix that problem. :slight_smile:

Okay, the next thing that this could be is a texture streaming issue. That means that your lightmaps are stuck trying to stream in and are being viewed at a low resolution.

One way to know this for sure is to uncheck “Texture Streaming” in your project settings under the rendering section.

Keep in mind this will be bad for performance but will show the correct resolution if streaming is your problem. If you do see the correct resolution in your packaged build after doing this then you have two options.

  1. Run a memreport and optimize parts of your level based off what is taking up the most memory (this will take quite a bit of learning on your part if you are a new user and is recommended for advanced users.)

  2. In general lower your lightmap resolution where you can and decrease texture sizes where you can to reduce the amount of memory they take up and improving the rate they can be loaded.

Here is a great post on memreport and optimization: Debugging and Optimizing Memory - Unreal Engine

Also, use the lightmap density visualization to help determine what a good resolution would be for your assets. Red usually isn’t good unless you want very high detail.

This isn’t really a bug but just some optimizations that are needed. I hope that helps,