Textures and Imported Tiled Landscape

Hello, I am a total UE4 newbie and I would appreciate some help on my terrain generation…
Currently, I’m having a weird effect happening on the tile edges of a tiled landscape when I zoom in on the landscape:

The data I have:

  1. Heightmap data ready to be loaded into UE4, dimensions of 505x505
  • these heightmaps are already tiled (505x505 each) and were given the correct name for the “Import Tiled Landscape” World Composition offers (file name example: “tile_x0_y0”)
  • all these tiles share 1 pixel so no “breaks” between tiles happen
  • with 4 505x505 tiles:



  1. Orthophotos/“Aerial view” to serve as textures when “the player is far away”
  • these photos are also tiled, 505x505 each

**What I’ve done: **

I’ve created simple materials for each orthophoto

With the material graph like so:


Note that the value I set up for the Mapping Scale value of the LandscapeCoords node is 504 (I’ve also had 505 but the result was worse).

These material graphs are still not ready for the “only when player is far away” feature, since I’m only in the beginning stages.

I do understand that my main purpose of these textures/materials would basically guarantee the player never “sees” this problem. However, the concern now is that I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong in between steps that could possible cause this to happen in some other shape.

Could someone help me understand if I’m doing something wrong or is a “normal” thing in UE4?

Thank you in advance!

Did you solve this? I have the same question!